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A Vision for AI-Powered Social Impacts

A 2016 winner of Forbes 30 Under 30, Jacob Knobel founded and sold his first technology company at the of age 28. Today, he runs an AI consultancy company and serves as an advisor to multiple Danish governmental agencies and politicians working for ethical and strategic adaption of AI in Denmark.

Jacob is part of shaping how companies and governments build a world with artificial intelligence by combining his background in theoretical mathematics and commercial understanding of data. Having deployed more than 50 artificial intelligences across many industries, Jacob speaks with authority on the impact of AI.

“As I build artificial intelligence that interacts with humans in every aspect of their lives I want to make us all aware of the potential value and pitfalls.” On Saturday June 1st you will get to enjoy Jacob’s Talk about how being human at work is possible when your colleagues are made with artificial intelligence.

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