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What you don’t know about questions

People ask questions every day, but not many people ask questions about questions.

The Danish philosopher Pia Lauritzen has devoted her life to understanding questions.
She wrote her postdoctoral thesis on the nature and impact of questions in different language communities, has written 5 books on how questions impact our lives, and developed a digital tool called Qvest, which helps organizations leverage the power of questions.

In her Talk with us in Frederiksberg, Pia will combine philosophical insights with findings from her research to help us better understand ourselves through the questions we ask – and don’t ask.

Our inspiring program topics with the above 11 Speakers include: Artificial Intelligence, human reproduction, how questions work, intriguing ways that trees benefit our health & cities, the odd fact of sustainability, what if advertising was seen as a medium for positive change, have courage & pull back the theatrical curtains of our everyday lives, unlock the power of drug repurposing, what if private citizens were empowered by the blockchain, how much power does each of us really possess – AND – can one find freedom being constrained?! 🙂

All Talks are in the world famous TED Talk format which is short & focused (max 18 and an average duration of 11,5 minutes), and they of course relate to our wonderful theme of Human Being – Being Human.

We are recording all Talks professionally and sharing them afterwards with a very large online, international audience.
Depending on the Idea and Speaker, this online audience may count millions. It’s quite amazing.

So what we are doing on Saturday June 1st – right here on Frederiksberg – is important:
We are spreading valuable ideas for the greater good.
You’re in for a true TREAT.

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