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Our next event will be a TEDxFrederiksbergWomen event on
Thursday December 5th 2019.

When curating Talks we always first look for the “Idea” and then afterwards for the right Speaker to present this “Idea”.
What is a great, well-formed “Idea” to us?

It can actually be one of two things: 
– Something that’s new and surprising; an Idea og invention that our audience has never heard about.
– A great basic Idea (that our audience has maybe already heard)

In other words, an Idea isn’t just a story or list of facts.
A good Idea takes certain evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion.

Please note that we are experiencing massive interest to become a Speaker with us and are unable to ongoing respond to all nominations individually. Should you be interested in speaking then please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter where we will announce the next nomination window (and how to go about it) in September.


Our inaugural TEDxFrederiksberg event happened on
Saturday June 1st 2019.
It was a resounding success and took place at the Royal Danish Academy of Music on Frederiksberg – in perhaps the most beautiful Concert Hall in Denmark.

You can find the Speakers from June 1st, including enjoy their recorded and published Talks, below.


On June 1st, Lori Webb was the one to expertly lead us through the inspiring program as our master of ceremonies. Born in New York, Lori has spent most of her life living abroad.

This international perspective has contributed to her becoming a renowned global trend-spotter, a Forbes contributor, and author of 3 bestselling books. As a former radio professional, and sought-after presenter, she has graced the stage for four decades, taught presentation skills to thousands of students, performed for over a hundred thousand people throughout the years and reached multi-millions through her writing, speaking, presentations, media, and performance work.

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